Node Proposals

All the proposals were very good and have something to offer in some shape or form. I think Sara has a good framework for both her proposals; I was very impressed with the narrative for Sam’s party. Tiana had a good framework for targeting the Centenary audience and providing some change in how people can access the campus. It also can eventually expand and target places in Shreveport too, which would be spreading social change throughout the city. Aaron and Cadie I liked the design concepts and think both projects can better both the Shreveport area and connect different demographics. Don had a topic that needs a lot of areas addressed. I believe if that is taken then the team needs to have younger members on it who Don can train and pass it on to, because that project could take some time. When selecting top picks, I am looking at variety. I see how some proposals can be combined or have a piece added here or there. I will be looking at diversity of the topics and hoping we take on projects that can cover a range of topics and target both a small focused and larger focused audience. I also think Centenary should be involved in at least one project somehow to keep the Node community implementing an idea within to better raise awareness of who Node is in the campus community.


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  1. I’m very excited about starting the work for the projects!! I just want to put that out there.

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