Gender Neutral Bathrooms

The project for Gender Neutral Bathrooms I think is going to more difficult than I had originally thought it to be. At first I figured all we would do was put different signs on the bathrooms, but now with talk of possible passport points and a scavenger hunt this is proving to be slightly more intense. I am however really excited for the outcome of this project, not only for the people that face this issue, but for the people that are completely unaware of it. When we started talking about raising awareness I got lost in thought of how exactly I found out about it, and honestly it was Sara’s presentation that struck my awareness. It had never really come to mind that some might feel uncomfortable going to the restroom, but it completely makes sense and I couldn’t be more excited about working on this project.


One response

  1. I agree with lcullen92 and that I am glad that a project like this to protect a group of people is being established by a person who is passionate about the situation.

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